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What's New:

Buck a Block Series 9

New  project packs Mama and Her Kitten and Dress Your Table 2.

New Block of the Month program:  Block and Set
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Now available!  The monthly blocks use 2.0" Thangles
and finish to 8" square.  (Click the image to see a larger

There are 6 fabrics used in this quilt.  2 fabrics for the
blocks, 4 for the finishing kit.

800-524-9956 to order your Buck a Block program
.  If you are an existing Buck a Block customer,
the program itself is FREE.  You will pay $100 and
receive 40 units of the 2.0" Thangles.  If this is your
first time running Buck a Block, you will be charged a
one time start up fee of $50 for a total of $150.
here for a chart that shows the yardages for ordering
your fabrics.  
Thangles Fat Quarter Club: A smarter alternative to traditional BOM programs with better cash flow,
sample longevity, and it sells your store stock!

The advantages of this simple program are:

You sell a large quilt kit but because the customer is only buying a fraction of the fabric up front, it’s less
expensive for them to buy in.

The starter kit typically has large amounts of just a few fabrics.  You’ll probably have to special order some of
these fabrics but you sell them right away so you don’t have to sit on them.  The profit you make on the starter
kit more than covers the cost of the rest of the fabrics you are holding.  Everything from then on is pure profit.

The many different fat quarters used for the blocks can often come from your store stock.  You don’t need
much yardage of any particular FQ fabric and because there are so many different fabrics it’s possible to
substitute individual fabrics and still closely match your sample.

The return visits to buy the fat quarters build traffic. (They can’t spend money if they are not in your shop!) But
because the pattern came in the starter kit, there is no kitting!  You just sell fat quarters!

The timing is extremely flexible.  Depending on how many fat quarters are sold per visit and how often you
have your customers return, you can run the program either as a weekly summer traffic builder or monthly for
a year as an easy, low effort alternative to traditional block of the month programs!

Finally, your customers will love the program!  The costs and work are spread out over a manageable period of
time: they know they can finish the quilt!  And once you have the sample you can also sell complete top kits in
your shop, at shows, or on your website!

Additional documents:(these will take some time load, be patient!)

Click here for a PDF on how to run a Thangles FQ club

Click her to read about holding a class with your customer's stash.

Click here for a PDF on how to run a STASHBUSTING FQ club

The following project packs work for fat quarter clubs
Tulip Stars
Orion Star
Milky Way
Autumn Leaves
Released in fall 2011 our newest project pack.  
table runner patterns.  All use 4" strips.  It includes
a full pack of 3.5" Thangles so you can make many
table runners from the one pack.

Looking for projects for your table topper club?
Here's 6 month's worth!  The kits are super easy to
make: just 4" wide strips!  Your customers love
table top projects because they're fast, easy and
make great gifts.  You'll love how easy it is to kit
these projects.

Suggested retail $10.99
This wall hanging is made with 2" Thangles.   You
receive a full pack of Thangles, in this project pack and
you can make the project many times.

The quilt measures 35" wide x 41" tall.

To make this quilt you need 20 different fabrics for the
cats.  A 2.5" x 21" strip is perfect.  We made our
sample with hand dyed fabrics from Starr Designs.

The directions are in full color and we give complete
illustrated directions for making a very common
quilting unit, the "tulip" unit.   This unit forms the
head of the mama and her kitten.

Did you know you can make tulip units and quarter
square triangles (QST) with
THANGLES?  Another no
math, no cutting of triangles feature of
You can learn how to make a QST in our video.
here to go to the video page.

Suggested Retail:  $10.99  

Block and Set is a new way to do BOM style projects.  
It consists of sets of block patterns printed in color on
cards.  There are also matching settings available
separately.  The Block Cards and Settings are very
inexpensive: only $2.99 retail for a set of 12 Block Cards
and $2.99 retail for each Setting.

Click Here for details:
Block and Set